My simple goal when making the merch for the Pine Fox brand was to make sure everything would be something I would personally wear. Whether you opt for a beanie or hoodie to stay warm, or a t-shirt or cap to help stay cool, I'm just glad to have your support.

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$30 or $25 for 2 or more.

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Up until October of 2022, I was using a free-use logo for my business. Meaning that the fox logo I was using, ANYONE could use. I love it, but it didn't feel like mine (because it could be anyone's). So when I started planning merch, I knew I needed to update my logo as well. So I did. I worked with a designer to craft something recognizable, sleek, fashionable, yet still in line with the mood of my brand and work. 

Woah! New logo? Let's talk about it, and some history.

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District Tees

District ($50) / Carhartt ($75)


Beanie ($30) / Cap ($25)


Thank you for your order message! I'll be in touch usually within 48 hours to confirm availability and total. If something is not in stock, I can add your desired item to my next shipment of items!

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