I'm a certified goofball with a degree in nerding-out on Star Wars, Theatre, Animation, and so much more! I went to school for film studies + communication, where I fell in love with the art of storytelling. In fact, I'm writing a saga of plays + musicals. When I'm editing photos you'll usually find me binging podcasts or shows/movies. And I'm all about transparency and unraveling emotion. I deal with anxiety, and if you have any anxious feelings about your session, I hope that I can lessen any worry. Or at the very least, we can be anxious together. ✌🏼

I'm Martin, and I wield a camera. In another universe, it's a lightsaber.

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Human connection
Experience over production

My Approach

You're gonna rock your session. Wanna be goofy? Maybe serious? Let's create something that gives us fireflies in our stomach. Great sessions make for photos that are yours, and no one else’s. They’re the ones that you frame on your wall because they capture a glimpse of something that can’t be put into words. They're the photos and moments that you can feel in your hands before they're even printed. I'm here to help make that happen.

Forget about the camera, and just be you.

I'm about capturing you just as you are, because after all, you're awesome. I don't create for, I create with. This process is collaborative. Hit me with your ideas, your anxieties, your excitement. Every session is an experience unique to you. I want to know what you're all about and how we can best capture that. I give a lot of fucks about producing more than jaw-dropping images.

Tell me your story, and I'll deliver it back in photos.

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